How To Use

Our magnetic eyelashes are extremely easy to use. We want to make sure your new lashes look on point so in order to rock them, remember to follow our instructions carefully:
Our instructions to use our magnetic eyelashes
Ready? 3...2...1... Let's do it!
1.-Make sure your eyelid is clean. Remove any dirtiness and oils your skin may have and wait until it is completely dry. Before using, remember to perform an allergy test.
2.- Apply the waterproof eyeliner. Do it alongside the roots of the eyelashes and draw a line long enough for the lash magnets to be able to settle. Remember to shake the eyeliner before every use.


3.- Wait for a few seconds until the eyeliner is completely dry.
4.- Apply the magnetic eyelash. Take your time and make sure you get them right where the lash line is. Use a mirror and make sure the lashes are placed where it's comfortable for you!


5.- Nudge the eyelash with the tweezers to help you place them. Due to the 5 ultra fine magnets, the lashes will effortlessly click with the eyeliner.
6.- Enjoy!
Our magnetic lashes are safe for daily use, so you don't need to worry about adverse reactions at all. They look and feel so natural when you have them on that you might forget that they are in your eyes, but you should take them off before going to sleep!