What does your Magnetic Eyelash Set include?

We want our customers to be fully equipped, so each and every one of our sets includes two eyelashes of your chosen variety, plus a waterproof magnetic eyeliner and tweezers. That means no additional purchases to enjoy the best eyelash experience!


How many times can I use them?

Our magnetic eyelashes are handmade with the best quality fibres and can last up to 30 times if you look after them.


How long does the shipping take?

Most orders arrive between 1 and 2 weeks, however, due to high-demand seasons, the delivery could take up to 21 days to arrive.


How can I remove them after using them?

Our magnetic eyelashes are extremely easy to remove because there is no glue involved! To take them off easily, simply grab the eyelash as close to the eyelid as possible, starting at the inner corner of your eye and then pull them away from the eyelid.


The black eyeliner can be removed with micellar water or any makeup remover, but we advise using oil and that way you can enjoy the benefits of the double cleansing method.


If you get any makeup on your lashes we recommend to use a small amount of makeup remover to clean them. We do not recommend putting mascara on the lashes to extend their life span.


Can I use your magnetic eyeliner with other magnetic lashes?

Of course! Our black eyeliner contains micro-magnets that will help any eyelash stay on for longer.


Do you test on animals?



What are your lashes made of?

Our eyelashes are made of Handmade Faux Mink Hair using high-quality fibres to make them ultra-soft and long.


Can I use other makeup while wearing the Magnetic Eyelashes?

Yes, our lashes can be used accompanying any makeup look you you like. Using makeup products like foundations, eyebrow pencils, setting power, etc. will not damage the eyelashes. However, we do not recommend putting mascara on the lashes to extend their lifetime.


Why are your false eyelashes the best?

Our magnetic eyelashes are the result of using the latest innovative makeup technology to offer you the best eyelash experience without glue and without pain.

Our falsies contain 5 micro-magnets strategically placed in order to make the lash stay on comfortably.


We have different lash styles so everyone can find the one they like the most and if the lash is too long, you can easily cut it into small sections and use them independently thanks to their magnets.


Can I wear glasses at the same time I am wearing the lashes?

Yes! You can wear them every day and you could wear them with your glasses on as well.


Where are your eyelashes made? 

Our manufacturing facility is located in China. It was very important for us to find a complex with had the right features, such as spacious storage rooms and modern facilities.


How can I cancel my order?

All orders are processed within 24 hours. If you would like to edit or cancel your order, you can contact us at sales@maythelashbewithyou.com within 24 hours of placing your order to cancel your order and we will be happy to help.


What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship orders to the U.S., Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. However, we are working on expanding our business. We want everyone in the world to enjoy our fantastic lashes!


How do I know the price in my currency?

On the top right corner of the screen, you will find a small flag that shows you which currency is being shown. You can change it by clicking on the different country flags to see the prices. It's the best way to avoid any confusion!